Race Across Alaska Winter Challenge

Tue December 21 - Sun March 20, 2022

Q: Is it too late to sign up? What happens if I want to join after December 21st?

A: NO IT'S NOT TOO LATE! You can still sign up still! Registration is open until February 28th, 2021. You are able to backlog your miles for the dates you weren't with us. For example, if you joined us on January 15th, simply login to your profile and log the miles for December 21-January 14th. Just be sure to get registered/log your challenge miles before February 28th 11:59pm, so you can complete your challenge distance to get your medal.


Q: How does this Virtual Challenge work?

A: Each day from December 21st till March 20th you have the opportunity to go for a run/walk/xc ski/bike or swim. All you have to do in this challenge is log your distance under your profile! 


Q: Does this race support anything? 

A: YES! The Race Across Alaska will donate $10 for every participant to the Alaska Trails, 501(c)(3) to help support the development of The Alaska Long Trail. Learn more about the trail HERE.  Additionally, the Race Across Alaska supports the future of Turnagain Training, a business that offering Summer Triathlon Camps to kids, ages 6-14yrs old. In 2020, Turnagain Training has had to cancel 10 of our 14 racers and 5 of our 6 kids triathlon camps due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Q: Can I participate in this race from another country?

A: YES! We welcome you from where ever you are! Please note, if you are outside of the USA there will be an added $25 shipping charge. 

Q: Can I just walk the challenge?

A: Absolutely, walkers are definitely welcome to participate in this challenge! This is a multi-sport challenge, so you can walk, run, xc ski, bike, or swim to get in the miles to complete the distance race you have signed up to complete. Use the challenge as motivation to stay active! 


Q: Can I count my daily steps?

A: No, we encourage you to log only exercise specific times. This means you planned to walk, run, etc. and not just time you cleaned your house and called it your exercise time, sorry! The goal is to motivate yourself to exercise more anyhow, right?! 


Q: What are the distances?

A: 125 miles, 225 miles, 350 miles, 500 miles, 850 miles & 2000 miles. You pick the distance that works best for you! 


Q: Do I need a GPS watch/tracker, or Strava? Will I need to show my watch or device for proof of running, walking, biking, swimming, or xc skiing?

A: You can use one if you wish but it's not required. Strava has a free app and you can join our club, Turnagain Training, to join others to track the progress of everyone and keep everyone motivated. Unfortunately, Runsignup does not have a way to link up your device with Garmin, Suunto, etc. but you can upload GPS files when you go into "Submit Virtual Results".


Q: If I complete the 125 mile Challenge and want to switch to the 225 mile Challenge can I? (And Vice Versa)

A: YES! Simply go to your Runsignup Profile > Manage Registration >  Event Transfer. Deadline to switch events will be  February 28th at 11:59pm. *IMPORTANT* Please note that if you do switch events your mileage/workouts will NOT transfer over to the new event. However, all you have to do is input your current mileage under one date and then proceed as normal (we are not going to make you input mileage again for every single day). 


Q: What will I receive by doing this challenge? When will I receive my swag?

A: All participants automatically receive a long sleeve synthetic race shirt and head scarf for signing up! You also can go into your race profile and print out the virtual bib before the race to share with others during race kickoff day! During the race you'll also receive virtual badges for completing race percentages and special mile marker badges! In addition, those who complete their challenge will earn an awesome bottle opener finisher medal with the race distance on the back on the medal! Shirt orders will go in on December 5th , January 5th & February 28th and racers can anticipate 3-5wks for delivery from the order date. Medals will be ordered on February 28th and racers can anticipate 3-5wks for delivery.


Q: Are the shirts unisex or gender specific?

A: Gender specific! We will have a men's and women's shirt option available during checkout for each racer!


Q: How will I receive my swag?

A: All swag will be mailed out. See above for time frames. 


Q: If I complete the challenge early, will I get my medal upon completion?

A: No, we will mail out all medals at the conclusion of the challenge date, which is March 20th but racers can anticipate +/- 3weeks from the last day of the challenge.


Q: Can I create or join a team after I have registered?

A: YES! We love to see friends and families encouraging each other. Follow the steps listed HERE to create or join a team.


Q: We want to be a team; Can we sign up individually & does start - destination need to be the same for all?

A: Every racer is racing individually, for themselves but by joining a team you are working to improve your team overall miles. Please note, you are not working as a team to finish a specific distance (this is not a relay format), you are working individually. Also, if your teammates decide to do different distances, that's ok, they just won't be able to work together to get the largest mileage, since the races are considered several different races within 1 race. Ex: If 5 racers are doing the 125 but you're doing the 225mile race, your total won't be combined into the 125mile team total. The point of the team is a way to motivate one another and try to get the most amount of miles total done first. On the results page there will be a team page that shows total miles that your team has completed, which in theory will help motivate everyone on your team to reach their distance goal! We encourage strong leadership skills ;) We will have a prize for the BIGGEST team!


Q: Can I register for more than one event?

A: No. This is not necessary. You are able to transfer your registration to a shorter or longer distance if you decide you want to change your event, but you must do so by 2/28/2022 at 11:59pm. When you transfer your event your mileage will not transfer with you so you'll enter the total distance you have completed into the first entry to get your total up to date. 


Q: How do the results work? How is everyone being ranked? Will the winner be “the winner” based on time or distance, who finishes first?

A: Results are ranked by who has the greatest distance within your race (125mile, 225mile, etc.), time is just added so you can see at the end of the event how much time you've exercises but it is not factored into the ranking system. Additionally, tiebreakers are determined by the first racer to the 25% milestone. Most importantly, this challenge is about getting from A to B and pushing your self physically while seeing how others are doing. There are no prizes for "winning", aside from self pride and a bottle opener medal!


Q: Do we earn rewards for referring friends?

A: YES! But, they must use your personal referral link. The link was emailed to you, but you can also get it by following THESE STEPS!


Q: How do I see how many referrals I have?

A: You can see who used your referral link HERE.


Q: My friend signed up for the race because I told her to but they forgot to use my referral code. Can I still get referral credit? 

A: Yes! You'll need to watch THIS video THEN email the race director at Heather.Helzer@turnagaintraining.com with the information. Please give her 1-3days to enter the information and get back to you. 


Q: Can you tell me more about the shirt sizing?

A: Sure, they're Zorrel long sleeve synethic shirts. Here is the sizing charts!

Q: Can I change my shirt size?

A: Yes. As long as the monthly deadline hasn’t passed (December 5th, January 5th, February 28th) - Just email me, heather.helzer@turnagaintraining.com and I'll make the change for you. If we've ordered your shirt, it's not officially your shirt! 


Q: How do I submit my virtual results

A: There are several ways to submit virtual results. Click HERE to see what we think is the easiest way. 


Q: I  entered an activity incorrectly.  How can I edit or delete the activity?

A: Click HERE to find out how to fix any errors.


Q: I see people posting pictures of where they are on the map. How do I do that?

A: Follow along HERE and we’ll show you how. 


Q: Are there any awards for this challenge?

A: There are no awards for this challenge (simply because there is no verification system). However, we might have some fun door prizes for social media shared selfies, first to get to certain milestones, and we might make a friendly team competition (based on challenge completion percentage and not total miles).


Q: How do I get my digital race bib?

A: Follow the steps HERE to get your bib!


Q. How do I refer people and get referral refunds?

A: 1. Register.

2. Once your registration is complete, you will receive a unique referral link. You can copy and past this link from (a) your confirmation page screen at the end of your registration, (b) your confirmation email, (c)  you can resend your confirmation email from you Runsignup account and get the link.

3. Get 3 friends to sign up using your unique referral link and you will automatically receive up to a refund of $15.00, refunded to your credit card. 

4. Get 6 friends to sign up and you get an additional $15 more!

5. Get 9 friends to sign up and you get $15 more! And onward..... 


The referral has to signup with your unique referral link. You cannot email us "after the fact for credit" saying "i referred someone and ask for them to be added to your total.
It has to be 10 unique transactions. AKA.. Any combo of 10 solo registrations and/or 10 team registrations.
The RunSignup system automatically keeps track and refunds the first $15-$45 automatically. You can receive a maximum of $75 back in refunds, 15 referrals.

Don't email us constantly for updates. We will pull reports weekly and post. We will post top referrers here in the FB Group.


Lastly, before reaching out to us, check out at https://help.runsignup.com or by clicking on the help button on any dashboard page

Don't see your question answered here? Shoot us an email, raawc@turnagaintraining.com

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