Race Across Alaska Winter Challenge

Tue December 21 - Sun March 20, 2022
Email #3

Hi Racers,
We have 74days left till the last day of Winter! I hope this Challenge has inspired you to get moving. Below you'll find: 
1. Clarification on due dates!
2. Shirt Order goes in TOMORROW!
3. Meet our NEW Assistant Race Director
4. Tips on How To Get Outdoors
5. Introduction to Winter Triathlon 
6. Workout Idea of the Week
7. Winner of the Sock Photo Contest
8. This Weeks Contest!

1. Due Dates:
I apologize for the confusion on event change due dates. All racers will have till Feb 28th to transfer from one race to another. It's important to note that if you change your race distance, your results WILL NOT transfer over. You will need to notice what your total is and transfer it yourself. Ex: You are in the 125mile challenge with 52miles - in a variety of activities. You decide to transfer to the 225mile challenge. You will go into results once you've transferred and enter 52miles and you can chose 1 event, ex: running, and under the note mention total miles transferred from 125mile challenge. 

We also will close our race sign-up on February 28th for new registrants. We will announce biggest team on February 28th as well! Lastly, we will be ordering our last order of shirts & head scarfs on February 28th, along with everyones medals, with the goal to get them shipped to you by April 1st. 

2. Shirts & Head Scarfs: 
Our order goes in TOMORROW 11:59pm for anyone that registered December 5th-January 5th. Check your shirt order by going into your Runsignup Profile > Manage Registration. If you need to change your shirt size, email RAAWC@turnagaintraining.com by 11:59pm Tuesday. I can personally say, the womens shirt is fitted. 

3. Met our new Assistant Race Director,  Jason Chance!
Jason is a USA Triathlon certified Race Director in Maryland and is the Owner of TCR Event Management, a full service event production company. Jason assists other races with timing, production and logistical services, as well as produces his own 5 triathlon series, and multiple running events (Marathon to 5k's), as well as their own open water swims and cycling events. Jason and his wife Laura also own TriCycle and Run, a full service triathlon shop, servicing the Eagleman 70.3 and Ironman Maryland courses. Jason and Laura live in their hometown of St Michaels, MD and have two kids, Ben and Natalie. Jason and Heather (Head Race Director) meet in 2017 at the USA Triathlon Race Director certification at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. 

4. 5 Tips on How To Get Outdoors Everyday!
- Set out your clothes the night before for the exercises you plan to do the next day. Before you go to bed the following day, all of the clothes you prepared should be worn!
- Set alarms on your phone and add in comments like "Go Run" for when you should be running. Sometimes adding it to your schedule isn't enough. People often overlook their calendar but will commit to working out with an alarm. 
- Invite a buddy to workout with you. If you aren't comfortable with physically having someone along for your runs, invite your friends to participate in the same workout as you at a certain time. Hold each other accountable by sending a sweaty selfie or calling them afterwards to follow up. 
- Pick your running, biking, hiking, etc. routes on Sunday for the following week to get you excited about the workouts. Try new places that you might not go too! I enjoy Strava because I like seeing the other routes people I know take that I might not have done it I hadn't seen their running route. 
- Get it done early! YES, its hard getting up early but it feels so good to get your workout done first thing in the morning, plus it'll help everything else in your day feel better too verse waiting until late at night and having it hanging over your shoulder. 
5. Introduction to Winter Triathlon 

What is it? Running - Biking (typically Fat Tire Biking) - XC Skiing (Skate or Classic).

How far? Typically it's 3-4mile run, 8-10mile bike, 6-10mile ski. There is not a standard distance so every race is unique. 

Where do they happen? Currently in the USA there are only 2! The Tri-Flake Winter Triathlon in Anchorage, Alaska at Kincaid Park, January 16th. The Loppet Winter Triathlon in Minneapolis, Minnesota at Theodore Wirth Park, March 14th.

Want to get more involved in Winter Triathlon? TriFlake Winter Triathlon, January 16th is currently looking for Volunteers! 
Volunteers Needed for: 
Set up in the morning, covid security, transition, we need people at aid stations, and points on the course where people could get lost, and we also need someone to sweep for the run, bike and ski, as well as individuals at the finish line to give participants their medals, and help people out of the area. Interested? Email Rmckee@peakcenterak.com

6. Workout Idea of the Week: 
Triathlon BRICK (practicing more than 1 event in 1 workout)
Objective: to gain confident in switching quickly!
Tips: Setup your entryway as your transition area. Set out gloves for every transition in case your hands get sweaty or cold. Wearing a head scarf on your head works under a bike helmet well. If it's under 10 degrees, consider wearing a ski helmet instead. 

Run 1mile at an easy pace
Fat Tire Bike 3miles at an easy pace
Run 1mile at a steady pace (hard to talk pace)
Fat Tire Bike 3miles at a steady pace 
Run 1mile at race pace (your 5k race pace) 

7. Winner of the Week: 
Best in Class for Most Fun Socks goes to Tina Torun, winner of a pair of new pair of Turnagain Training socks! Thank you all for posting your pictures. 
8. This Weeks Photo Contest: 
Best Landscape Photograph with you exercising in it! Ideally, it's from this week, but we get it if you want to share the perfect photo from this year. All photos must be posted on the Virtual Race Across Alaska private Facebook page by Sunday 11:59pm.  

Have a great week everyone! Be sure to upload your results too!
Heather Helzer
Race Director

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