Race Across Alaska Winter Challenge

Thu December 21 - Tue March 19, 2024

2023 RAAWC Ambassador Program

Application will open September 2023


RAAWC Ambassador Benefits:
Complimentary entry into the RAAWC
RAAWC apparel package
Featured on our website


What does a RAAWC Ambassador do?
RAAWC Ambassadors help spread the word about RAAWC to their community!


Ambassadors should be:
Passionate and active runners, hikers, bikers, swimmers, and/or xc skiers
Outgoing and friendly people that believe in inclusivity of all types of people
Able to make a one-year commitment (October 2022-May 2023)


One-Year Commitment Includes:
Active on personal social media accounts posting about RAAWC
Active on our private RAAWC Facebook group & Instagram page
Involvement with local clubs to help spread the word about RAAWC
Organize a community kickoff event to promote the RAAWC in December
Engage with first timers in the Facebook group
Help at RAAWC events, if local (Solstice Tree Tour, Swag pickup events, medal pickup events)


Tina Lam

Anchorage, Alaska

Hi all, I am very excited and fortunate to be selected as a RAAWC ambassador again! This is my 3rd year doing the RAAWC. Born and raised in Anchorage. I love this race because it helps keep people active in the winter. My favorite activity is running and I am very involved with the local running community. I am in the Anchorage Running Club, Raven Run Club, and the Athletic Director of Team RWB Anchorage. My goal is to run a half marathon or full marathon in all 50 States and reach 100 half marathons. So far, I have run in 30 states, including 65 half marathons and 14 marathons. The RAAWC has a race for everyone and it is good for multisport cross training. I enjoy cross country skiing and biking. This year, I plan to do the Historic Iditarod route 1150 miles. 


Nicole Rogers

Wasilla, Alaska

I’m originally from New Hampshire but have been in Alaska for the past 6 years! I work full time as a physical therapist and have my own business doing photography! I’ll be representing the Wasilla area and will for sure be recruiting my New England friends for this challenge! I am currently working my way through the 75 Hard Challenge and love the idea that it pushes me to get outside. My winter goals are to get out for at least 45 minutes everyday! I’m also training for the Rock and Roll half marathon in Vegas (February). I’m super excited to get going!


Carrie Plant

North Pole, Alaska

I’m currently a military civilian, but have lived all over Alaska from Utqiagvik to Adak. I was always the fat kid growing up and got bad grades in gym, but in January 2021, I started running outdoors, in snow boots, a few minutes at a time, at 6 in the morning on my way home from work. Within 6 months I’d completed my first triathlon (and I’m definitely hooked). Last winter’s #raceacrossalaska entry was a birthday present from my partner; the competition and structure helped me keep moving, growing and trying new things. I’m a proud #twotime #sarcoma #cancersurvivor and cat mom of four. I’m looking forward to our temporary community!


Heidi Hatcher

Gakona, Alaska

This will be my third year participating in the Race. I live in Gakona without gym equipment so my miles are typically outside through skiing, snowshoeing, fatbiking, and ice skating. I usually have my furbaby along with me, and sometimes my toddler. Last year my second son was born in the middle of the race, so he accompanied me in the womb for most of my miles, and I wore him in a carrier as I finished out my miles. Looking forward to getting both boys outside with me for the race this year!


Fiona Taylor

Snoqualmie, Washington

I’m from Anchorage AK and I love everything ALASKA especially this great virtual race which keeps me moving and connected. I am so excited to have the the opportunity to be an ambassador to share this fun motivating event with others! I hope to get my miles in this winter biking, hiking and skate skiing. I loved all of the activity photos with so much diverse scenery, environments and positivity last year.


Paul Kilgore

Calcium, New York

So excited about being chosen to represent RAAWC this year! Last year was my first year riding the event I did the 850. I ride and race recumbent trikes in various disciplines; Road, TT, Gravel and Off Road. I am a retired disabled Veteran and race as part of the PVAR Team (Paralyzed Veterans of America), as well as , Base Adaptive, CAF, and Echelon Racing. I currently live in Northern NY but was stationed at Ft Wainwright during my time in the Army and sure miss that area! I used to be a runner in a former life and the last marathon I did was the Equinox. I am have a major surgery next week with a length recovery and RAAWC will be part of my recovery to get me ready for the 2023 race season!


Candace Leroux

Palmer, Alaska

I’m Candace Leroux. Small business owner, wife, and mom to the most amazing 13 year old. I love all outdoor activities although I’m mediocre at most.   
My winter goals are to get a little better at skate skiing, ice skating, and downhill skiing. I look forward to meeting more adventure buddies and exploring more of Alaska as well.


Rose Tormohlen

Wasilla, Alaska

I'm a wife to an aircraft mechanic and homeschooling mom to two beautiful boys. I love to travel and explore new places. Being outside is vital for my mental health and sanity! I enjoy hiking, snowshoeing, fat biking, ice skating and swimming. My true passion is kayaking. There is nothing better than being on the water!
I look forward to another year of Race Across Alaska. It helped me stay motivated during those dreary winter days!


Brooke Czarnecki

JBER, Alaska

I am so thrilled to be here representing the Race Across Alaska this year. It was my favorite event last year and really helped me get out on those cold, dark days.
I am a Registered Dietitian and own an online private practice specializing in sports nutrition and eating disorders. I saw there are a few other practice owners in the group and I’d love to connect with you! I live in Anchorage with my husband, golden retriever and cat! We have lived in Alaska for two short years and have 1 year left to go. I absolutely love running (especially trails), hiking and skate skiing. Can’t wait for some snow to fall!


Carey Quiring

Seward, Alaska

I am retired and I recently started running ultras!
I have completed the Resurrection Pass Ultra Races 50 mile x2, Little Su 50k and the Denali 100k. I’m currently in search of a 100 mile race. #raceacrossalaska will help keep me motivated to keep moving through those tough winter months!


Janelle DelaCruz

Chugiak, Alaska

I am married and together we have three kids! Eliana is 13, Elijah is 11 and Noah is 8! Fitness is such a big part of my life and doing challenges like Race Across Alaska help keep me motivated during the cold winter days, and meet new people! It’s so amazing to be part of such a gray community who cheers and motivated each other! I am super excited about this years race!


Natalie Miller

Santa Rosa, California

I am a dog mom, avid traveler and work in the tech industry. I strongly believe in size inclusive fitness and hope to inspire others to be fit and healthy despite body size. I love to run, hike and ride my Peloton. My main goal for this winter is to continue my training plan to prep for my first half marathon in February 2023. I loved participating in Race Across Alaska last winter to keep me motivated and committed to my goals and am so glad to be part of this group!


Brian Walch

Anchorage, Alaska

I love this event and am excited to be an Ambassador this year. Born and raised in Alaska, I am a management coach with my own practice. I am married with 4 adult kids. I will be hosting a spin class open to any event participants that want to log indoor biking miles. Personally, I love this event because it inspires me to get out and log miles doing different outdoor activities like skiing, running, and hiking. I also hope to inspire those participating from the Lower 48 or elsewhere to come visit Alaska, if they haven't already.


Molly Liston

Anchorage, Alaska

I’m a Physical Education teacher at Pacific Northern Academy. I love teaching students to be healthy and active in their own ways. Before having kids, I spent my summer and free time guiding and recreating in our beautiful state and beyond. Now you can find me adventuring with my sweet 2 and 4 year old boys and taking them anywhere they are willing to follow me!


Lauri Lingafelt

Soldotna, Alaska

I am super excited and thankful to be an ambassador for RAAWC!! Last year was my first year participating, and I had so much fun with my friends and coworkers, encouraging each other to reach our miles!! I enjoy the great outdoors; prefer biking, but also enjoy hiking and skiing. My pup is the best walking partner!! She never let's me rest at night, loves to bike as much as I do. Looking forward to hearing about different trails to explore, helping me get my miles this year. My goal is to only count outdoor miles!


Gianna McCune

Valdez, Alaska

 I am the mama to an incredible 10 year old son, wife to a chainsaw carver, and an elementary school counselor. I am obsessed with all things triathlon and finished my first full ironman last summer in Juneau. My goals this year include the Winter TriFlake in Anchorage, the Gold Nugget Triathlon, the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon and I am heading back to Juneau for Ironman ALASKA part deux next August! The journey IS the destination and I am thrilled to rack up the miles this winter with all of YOU!


Jill Hovan

South Berwick, Maine

I am super excited to be an ambassador for RAAWC. I lived in Alaska for 15 years and still go back in January to work for a tax office. I started running when I was 12 and mostly participated in running events..5k’s, 10k’s, halfs, and I have done the Equinox marathon 4 times. For the past 10 years, my race of choice has been triathlons. I do mostly sprints but have done one half iron and this past fall I completely my second olympic. I also did my first sprint ocean tri.  I am a member of SheCoast Multisport. We are a fun and fantastic group of women who train together. Last year was my first year in RAAWC. It was a game changer for me. After working 10 hour days, the last thing I wanted to do was go to the gym in the cold and dark..this challenge got me there..and also to the pool! I am excited to share this race experience with others so they can stay motivated this winter!


Tonya Wood

Fort Dix, New Jersey

I’m happy to join all of you. I’m currently living in New Jersey, but I grew up in New Hampshire and met my husband at college in Pennsylvania. He’s military and we’ve moved a bit during our years together. We had seven great years in Alaska and our two kids were born there. Admittedly I haven’t been as active since we left Alaska, but we still enjoy exploring new things and doing 5Ks- both virtual and in person. My ultimate goal is to beat Beethoven (though he keeps outpacing me!). We did Race Across Alaska last year and had a great time. Looking forward to doing it again this year.


Meadow Bailey

Fairbanks, Alaska

I’m an advocate for living an active life, at all ages. I believe being active is especially important during the winter in Alaska, it sure helps from a mental health perspective! This fall, exercise, and self-care, took on a new importance. In early August I was diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma, a less common form of breast cancer. I had a lumpectomy and lymph nodes removed in late August and started radiation last week. I exercised up to my surgery, and then resumed after recovery. I’m hoping to keep up my activity level through radiation and as I transition to endocrine therapy. I am an avid spinner, yogi, I love to cross country ski with my girlfriends and I enjoy walking my dog!


Dana Draa

Charlotte, North Carolina

I am as active as I can be- yoga, hiking, SUP, running, biking and whatever else I can get into. I am from FL and have lived all over the US including a 3.5-year stint in AK. I absolutely love AK and fully support the race and all the beneficiaries. I currently work with individuals who are blind and visually impaired and plan on roping as many of them in on the fun as I can. I am also a Veteran (Go Navy AND Army) and will challenge my fellow vets to participate as well.


Katrina Backus

North Pole, Alaska

I have a fair number of half marathons on my schedule but I have also challenged myself to Ironman Alaska in Juneau this coming August. This challenge is an AMAZING way to stay focused. I am also the DVM with North Pole North Pole Veterinary Hospital and look forward to our getting our staff involved as well!


Sovala Kisena

Kenai, Alaska

This is my second year participating in RAAWC and while I was intimidated to do so last year, everyone I met was incredibly encouraging and supportive. My goal as an Ambassador is to help encourage other folks who might be intimidated by this event or have never participated in a race before. My personal RAAWC goal this year is to meet new folks through weekly events (Workout Wednesdays), try new outdoor activities (skiing and snowshoeing), and signing up for a longer race than I did last year.


Michael McGuire

Homer, Alaska

Aloha from Homer! Father of 3 adult-ish humans, small business owner, avid sports enthusiast. I love it all but really love trail running in the mountains and triathlon training. RAAWC has been such a crucial part of my physical and mental health the last couple years and I’m excited and honored to be an ambassador for this, as it has helped me tremendously!


Aniseh Burtner

Anchorage, Alaska

Hi! I’m Aniseh (pronounced Ann-ee-suh) and I’m psyched to be participating in RAAWC again. Last year, I logged my miles in the sunny, mild winter temperatures of Virginia. This year, my husband, our 2 teenagers and I are in Anchorage, and I’m looking forward to getting my miles in using my xCountry skis. 


Dean Denter

Eagle River, Alaska

Greetings, I’m honored and humbled to be representing Race Across Alaska this year. I’m in the Army and from Eagle River Alaska…enjoy running, adventure and anything in Alaska. Looking forward to running, hiking and cycling this year and still keeping things entertaining.


Anupam Mittra

Des Moines, Iowa

Hello from Iowa! This is my second year doing the RAAWC and first as an ambassador. I've lived in Des Moines, IA for 7 years and was in San Francisco for over a decade - before that and Portland, Sydney, India and other places before that. I've run official races in a few countries and try to get a run in where ever I end up. The last trip, earlier this month, was a wine and bike trip in Napa/Sonoma where we did 35-45 miles a day and hit 3-5 wineries each day. Super fun. I'm semi-retired and now work in the non-profit, for-impact space for refugees and the homeless.


Amy Young

Anchorage, Alaska

I’m a personal trainer/stationary cycle instructor/accountability and group fitness coach in Anchorage, Alaska. In my spare time, I’m pretty much permanently attached to a bike. I loved participating in the race last year and look forward to sharing it with more people this year! I’m super excited to be here. It’s such an awesome way to get people motivated and moving during the winter.

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